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Discover timeless elegance with our style silver oxidized-plated necklace and earrings set, an ideal gift for your beloved wife. This exquisite jewelry set embodies the Afghani trend, combining cultural heritage with contemporary fashion. From LC Jewelz’s clearance sale, seize this opportunity to adorn your loved one with the beauty of silver oxidized jewelry. Here are the key features and specifications:
Indulge in the allure of Afghani style with this stunning silver oxidized-plated necklace and earrings set. Make it a gift that will forever be cherished by your wife. Shop now at LC Jewelz’s clearance sale and elevate her style with this exquisite jewelry ensemble!

– Material: Silver oxidized-plated metal
– Necklace Length: Adjustable to fit various neck sizes
– Earring Size: Comfortable and easy-to-wear drop earrings
– Closure: Drawstring clasp for secure necklace fastening
– Care Instructions: Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and store in a dry, cool place when not in use.


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