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Oxidized Openable Bangles. The metal is brass and has a nickel oxide silver coating, giving the set a matte yet elegant finish. Oxidized Openable Bangles is metal is of brass and has a nickel oxide silver coating, giving it an oxidized black appearance. This coating gives you a traditional and casual look. Metal is durable. These Oxidized Openable Bangles can be worn for any occasion, including birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, celebrations, and more. The oxidised plating used in combination with the design gives the banglea a unique traditional look. Complete your beautiful looks with this openable bangle and get an overall gorgeous appearance. Wear it on special occasions. This bangle is a perfect combination of traditional & contemporary design. Suitable for all Kinds of Dressy Occasions. Any fabulous outfit is incomplete without matching jewelry. A woman is completely dressed with wearing matching jewelry. Make your moment memorable with this High-Quality LC traditional jewelry. This Piece will enhance your beauty and compliment your dress. Ideal Valentine, Birthday, Anniversary gift your loved ones. Women love jewellery; specially traditional jewellery adore a women. They wear it on different occasion They have special importance on ring ceremony, wedding and festive time. Oxidised Openable bangle is perfect to complete your looks.


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